Modules Version 1.1

New version of module pack. 38 new modules, some new, some stereo modules to save CPU where applicable.

New HTML based Help system(currently only supported by SE1.4).

For the help to work from within SynthEdit, it has to be in the right path, for 32bit:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\SynthEdit\modules\help

and for 64bit:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\SynthEdit\modules\help

If the ‘help’ folder doesn’t exist, please create one. Some modules have some caveats, so please read the help file for information. Click on the links below.

Version1.1 32bit Modules

Version1.1 64bit Modules

Help files


2 thoughts on “Modules Version 1.1

  1. Great work. Especially the envelopes. Exactly what i was waiting for. Thanks for your hard work.
    But maybe there’s a bug with the envelopes. if you first turn down the sustain level to 0 volts, and then also turn down the decayrate below 3 volts, then the envelope stops working. if you then turn up the sustain level just a little bit, thenthe envelope is working again. this issue can be solved by setting the lowest voltage of a knob/fader to 0.0000000001 volts.


    1. Hmm, I’m having problems trying to re-create the problem, care to send me a screen shot that I can re-create it? And just in case you haven’t read the Help file, the SE ‘Voice Refresh’ feature should be off because it causes odd behaviour with envelopes(including ADSR2). Oh and levels are shaped with x^2, in simple terms, if you set it at 5 volts, the output will be: 0.5*0.5 = 0.25(2.5Volts in SE), if you set it 0.1Volts it would be: 0.01*0.01 = 0.0001(0.001Volts in SE).


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