TD Modules V1.0

51x Freeware 32bit and 64bit Modules For SynthEdit. Read the Help File.

TD_ModulesV1.0 32bit

TD_ModulesV1.0 64bit

TD Modules HelpFile

Create a Folder called “TD_Modules” and then within that folder, make another three: Filters, Modifiers, Waveform. It doesn’t exactly matter where the modules are, the separate SEMS will relocate to these folders automatically.


10 thoughts on “TD Modules V1.0

  1. Thanks Erasmus for the modules, it looks interesting, a 32bit version would have been nice so that I could start right away with out any worry of compatibility issues and so that i can disobey. I might need to wait one year, since I am a 32bit dude.


    1. The 32bit versions will be released in March next year. I year from when I stared coding them, not one year from release date. So about 5 months to go. Want to try and add more stuff before then.



  2. Probably a windows security thing. Right click on the .chm help file -> at the bottom you’ll see “security” and “unblock” -> click “unblock” and then “apply”. P.S. There is bugfixes and a documentation update in the works. If you want to access the help file from within SE, create an empty “help” folder and put the .chm in it. Remember that for SE1.3 or SE1.4 the 3rd party modules and their help file(s) should be under …\Common Files – check the SE1.3 documentation on the SynthEdit website if in doubt. And thanks for actually reading the help file! Mst people skip it…


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