TD Modules V1.0

51x Freeware 32bit and 64bit Modules For SynthEdit. Read the Help File.

TD_ModulesV1.0 32bit

TD_ModulesV1.0 64bit

TD Modules HelpFile

Create a Folder called “TD_Modules” and then within that folder, make another three: Filters, Modifiers, Waveform. It doesn’t exactly matter where the modules are, the separate SEMS will relocate to these folders automatically.


6 thoughts on “TD Modules V1.0

  1. Thanks Erasmus for the modules, it looks interesting, a 32bit version would have been nice so that I could start right away with out any worry of compatibility issues and so that i can disobey. I might need to wait one year, since I am a 32bit dude.


    1. The 32bit versions will be released in March next year. I year from when I stared coding them, not one year from release date. So about 5 months to go. Want to try and add more stuff before then.



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