Modules V1.15

New version of module pack. 42 new modules, some new, some stereo modules to save CPU where applicable.

New HTML based Help system.

For the help to work from within SynthEdit, it has to be in the right path, for 32bit:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\SynthEdit\modules\help

and for 64bit:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\SynthEdit\modules\help

If the ‘help’ folder doesn’t exist, please create one. Some modules have some caveats, so please read the help file for information. Some Public Prefabs require RoyTech modules. Click on the links below.

Version1.14 32bit Modules

Version1.14 64bit Modules

Help files

Public Prefabs

11 thoughts on “Modules V1.15

  1. Do you think you could make a version compatible with mac? I can help out. There’s this one plugin that I really wanna use on my mac, but the lack of a proper Time Domain mac version means that it’s currently unable to get exported as an audio unit.

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    1. Thanks for the offer but it’s more a question of time than anything else. About 60% of my modules have some or other _x64(intel) code involved, so it’s a lot of grunt work and a bit of guesswork because Apple documentation is ‘poor’ to say the least. All current Mac modules(excluding those from Jeff and SE1.5) do not support Arm(M1) natively(they run Rosetta code), they need to be recompiled for proper Arm and _x64 support into universal binaries. And if I ever support Mac I would prefer to use universal binaries simply because it makes sense and is less work in the long run, but more work in the short-term. Assuming 8 hours work a day, it should take me about 3 or 4 weekends to do(planning on using a Cloud Mac build service), but that is time I unfortunately do not have at the moment, sorry! Currently working on a module pack update(more modules) for June/July, Mac will only come after that but I have no projected timeline.

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      1. I highly recommend getting Xcode and seeing just how much work you would have to do. I think it would help you estimate a good timeline.


      2. Will be building in the cloud, probably through a M1 renting service like Scaleway. I’m South African, Macs are considered to be only for rich people in these parts, haven’t even seen a M1 Mac in person, lol. Code is code, I’ll figure it out on the fly.


  2. I would really like an update with a proper 64-bit mac exporter, like the modules from Elena, RH, and RoyTech.


      1. On second thought, if you want to wait for a better build, go ahead. I don’t want to pressure you any more.


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